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Welcome to Stitching Pretty

It is with great sadness, that Stitching Pretty Presents must announce the passing of ByGone Stitches designer Gail Reinhardt.

As stitchers are want to do in attempt to heal from tragedy - the "girls of Stitching Pretty" have taken some of the thoughts, ideas, sketches and partial charts left behind in Gail's stash and created an ongoing remembrance which will be published under "Remembering ByGone Stitches" copyright Stitching Pretty. I would like to thank at this time Catherine Eng, Cathy Lyon, Bik and Carmen Johnson.

More will be announced in the coming months... Thanks for joining in our memories!
Gail Reinhardt

Welcome to Stitching Pretty Stitching Pretty Presents! eclectic collection of talented needlework designers. To include hardanger, samplers, reproduction samplers, whimsey, bold, fun designs! Charted paks of counted designs with stitch guides where needed or stories and history to enhance your stitching experience! Available through your local needlework store or drop us an email and we can help you find your needs. For questions or wholesale inquiries email or call 1-877-604-0808.
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